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Raised on strictly oldies (mostly The Beatles), Brazilian karaoke nights, and guitar jam sessions with her music-loving dad, American/Brazilian singer Chelsea Klein has had a fascination with music since day one. As she grew up she found herself obsessed with R&B classics and pop divas ranging from Destiny’s Child, Usher, and SWV to Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey. Although always vocal about wanting to be a singer, Chelsea was still very shy and mostly kept her voice to herself, only singing on days her sister and parents were out of the house.

Chelsea’s extreme empathetic and kind nature is what has always stood her apart from many others and what has drawn people to her, but it also has been somewhat of a self inflicted downfall growing up. Always afraid to say the wrong thing, Chelsea often kept her thoughts to herself. Now having made a choice to embrace what makes her different, Chelsea has made a complete 180 in how she views her perspective and personality. Deciding that her love for music outweighed her fear of being judged or disliked, Chelsea moved to Los Angeles to prove she was serious. Working daily for the past few years with celebrity vocal coach Nick Cooper, Chelsea has focused on not only her talent and musical development, but the goal of wanting to bring strength back to kindness. 

“I’m sick of being offended when someone calls me a ‘nice girl.’ I don’t know when that became an insult, but I don’t want people to feel like being nice and caring about others means you’re the doormat who people can just walk all over. Sure, I’m nice and I’m probably always going to want to please other people, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get to have a voice... an opinion, you know? I think everyone in this world, especially right now, could use a LOT more care and kindness... those are the type of people I want to be around, let’s bring that back.” 

Chelsea views music as a safe outlet to speak on things she never felt comfortable responding to directly - an easier way to explain what’s going on in her head. Ultimately she hopes to encourage people to be true to themselves, while still being understanding and compassionate to the others around them. 

“We’re all in this life together, we should be making it easier for each other to enjoy the experience.”

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Righteous (feat. Taylor Hill) - Single

by Chelsea Klein
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